Sacura girl by 3Dimka

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Stereogram by 3Dimka: Sacura girl. Tags: girl,woman,sakura,sacura,anime,cute,erotic,3Dimka portfolio, hidden 3D picture (SIRDS)
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*This stereogram is a courtesy of 3Dimka. You may not use this image without owner's permission.
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1.This is absolutely the best stereogram I ve ever seen.
by Me on 2008-10-24 16:22:23

2.I think they are all fantastic. I would like to put a couple on an ex-pat forum of O.A.P s how do I get permission.
by Marie on 2008-11-05 15:56:09

by Me too on 2009-02-14 23:37:54

by Sian on 2009-03-03 11:59:36

by cared on 2009-04-18 10:51:51 :)
by Vova on 2009-04-23 15:19:29

7.Duuuuuuuuudee!!! This site is not nice. Like... to half blind people. xD
by 1337Dingo on 2009-05-08 12:26:56

by weniwe on 2009-10-07 10:44:13

9.c tro cool les stereogrammes
by lili on 2009-10-23 14:11:55

by juandiablo on 2009-10-31 21:20:02

11.mola mucho
by maria miralles navarro on 2009-11-24 09:43:42

12.apsolutno fantasticno posle svih novih sranja u ovom smornom 21 veku svaka cast
by vizia padina on 2009-11-24 14:18:13

13.if i saw six girls is it correct?
by cat on 2009-11-25 13:21:09

14.La Berraquera! br Tiene una imagen realmente tridimensional no de planos superpuestos. br br Excelente.
by chunchulo 2010 on 2009-11-26 21:25:14

by jacky on 2009-12-07 13:41:24

16.can u make one having sex?
by anon on 2010-01-03 04:46:05 fantastic..
by eugenio on 2010-01-19 10:11:02 one i ve ever seen!!
by nightfire on 2010-01-23 16:33:17

19.Best stereogram ever made.
by mdcclxxvi on 2010-01-25 15:07:56

by Observer on 2010-02-03 15:47:31

by waqas on 2010-02-07 14:50:08
by razz on 2010-05-17 09:22:45

23.e tare pizdoasa tipa
by marius on 2010-06-24 10:42:27

24.super mijto gagica
by ionut on 2010-09-09 13:19:39

by Rakso on 2010-10-06 16:17:22

26.Transparency performed especially good.
by Sergey Smirnov on 2010-10-20 03:39:14

27.HAHAHA I can see it!
by Felipe Taguchi on 2010-10-22 13:20:43

28.shit! I wached out this pic 5 minutes and my eyes are hurting me now...
by megure kebu on 2010-10-24 11:44:40

29.dick please! br
by yup on 2010-11-05 21:09:39

30.a very nice image. br and hidden code too
by bogdan on 2010-12-08 15:09:09

by ky2 on 2011-01-23 20:56:07

32.Wow fantastic...!
by Hitman on 2011-02-01 01:39:20

by Bali on 2011-03-05 10:40:40

34.Cool !
by TeDe on 2011-03-16 09:02:16

35.j ai trouvé !!!
by Ben on 2011-06-02 17:48:30

36.absolutely amazing
by Beary on 2011-06-18 06:31:02

37.Magnificent boobs and tight pussy in a teasing pose.
by Garry on 2011-07-11 02:27:15

38.big tits!!!!!raisen
by biboy on 2012-02-24 00:09:43

39.namnam tits so nice-wa daw klaro ailan
by mon on 2012-06-20 10:18:50

by strip on 2012-07-01 22:55:57

41.amasing fantastic
by raji on 2012-08-02 18:01:23

42.و ا ض ح ه ج د ا ب د و ن ت ع ب
by ali youssuf on 2012-12-12 15:43:40
by rad on 2013-04-04 00:24:54

by rad on 2013-04-04 00:25:15

by ton on 2013-10-02 02:34:36

46.Excelent work. A lot of art with a bit of erotism
by Raul Riesco on 2014-01-03 16:05:52

47.How do you make these?
by Boy on 2014-06-10 00:49:04

48.More skin please
by 8============D on 2014-06-10 21:11:42

49.I d say a lot of erotism
by asdf on 2014-08-22 13:14:31

50.hahaha i love this hidden code thing
by qwaserz1 on 2014-12-02 00:59:54

by 123 on 2015-12-05 13:48:43

by aaa on 2016-01-12 02:43:33

53.super br but i want more
by aaa on 2016-04-25 15:23:19

54.It s amazing that you can actually make the top layer translucent and see the layer below through it.
by Allie on 2016-10-27 00:05:55

55.I want to see more steriogram like this. Please tell me how i can see this.
by Arif on 2016-12-09 12:30:46

by mrf on 2017-01-12 19:44:44

57.nice br
by nice on 2017-02-15 16:11:31

58.the hidden code is 603
by drew p weiner on 2017-10-24 22:04:08

by dav on 2018-01-09 16:43:04

by heuheuheueue sou brasileiro on 2018-06-02 10:12:29

by Daddycool on 2018-06-24 02:01:45

62.Fantastic technology br Very soothing for my eyes and a calm sensation in the mind
by Simon Woolf on 2018-08-16 17:22:08

63.She just took a shower and is holding a towel in front of her.
by Bob on 2018-11-03 09:19:16

64.świetne prawdziwa magia
by BlackCat on 2018-11-15 14:51:47

by Aj on 2019-08-15 07:26:02

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