Stereogram Lab MTS v1.0

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Stereogram Lab is the very first program which allowed to render Mapped Texture Stereograms in automatic mode. We are proud to say that it has been using by Gary W. Priester, Gene Levine, Carlos Contreros and Dmiitriy Bessmertniy (3Dimka), and stereograms made with this amazing software were published in following books: Hidden Treasure, 3D Magic History and TJ Mook Magical Eye series.

And we are happy that you can have if at no charge at all! You can use Stereogram Lab MTS 1.0 both for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

This program allows to generate stereograms of two types:
1. Map Textured Stereogram(MTS)
2. Object Array Stereogram.

Click here to download zip file - [DOWNLOAD]

1. Download zip file (the link is above)
2. Unzip to any folder, for example C:/StereogramLab or C:/Program Files/Stereogram Lab
3. Run SL6MTS.exe, you can also create a shortcut to this file and put it on your desktop

Stereogram Lab Screenshot:
Stereogram Lab MTS v1.0

"How to" tips:

Two images are required to render a stereogram:
1. 2D projection (Color Map)
2. Corresponding Depth Map (Z-Buffer)
Stereogram Lab comes with samples of Color and Depth maps, you can try them first.

1. Open Color Map (press F3 key)
2. Open Depth Map (press F4 key)
3. Press F8 key for render options (or use menu->Render->Settings).
4. Select Stereogram Type and Adjust Repeats, Depth, DPI and Oversampling if needed
5. Click Render button and your stereogram will be generated in new window

Press F2 key to save the result, or use autosave option in Render Dialog.

Recommended alternative software
Stereogram Lab MTS hasn't been updated for a long time and might not work with latest versions of Windows and PhotoShop.
There is alternative software available: Stereographic Suite which includes Stereogram Generator, Texture Maker and Modeler.

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